This is my first post. Today in the news I found several articles

In the referenced article, Amanda Beard goes on to talk about many facets of learning that are attributed to swimming early.

"Attention parents looking for a way to jumpstart your kids’ emotional, intellectual and physical growth: Olympic gold medal-winning swimming sensation Amanda Beard has a message for you “Get them in the water and teach them to swim,”

Beard, whose recently-opened Beard Swim Co., a swim school in Gig Harbor, Washington, has just become the first such facility recognized by the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

This high recommendation of swimming early in life only re-iterates the importance of teaching young people how to swim.

Saving lives is something I’ve been learning to do since the age of 5 when I started helping my mom demonstrate techniques for her swim students. When I finally had the opportunity to save another life, I did.

The first time I helped out someone in the ocean, I was 7 and it was my cousin when we were down in Mexico. We both brought out bodyboards, mine with a leash, and his without, and soon enough his board washed a shore. I could tell he was pretty nervous and wanted to get back to the sand.

I took off my leash, gave my board to him, and he made it back to shore safely. What happened to me will be the next post.

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